Reservation by Resource Type

Reservation by Resource Type is a specialized scheduling module aimed at high volume sites with large orders. It allows reservations to be made, but allows the selection of the particular item to be postponed until the time of the pickup or delivery. The result is that orders can be filled more quickly and flexibly, based on the inventory available at the time of the order.

  • Be more efficient with your inventory, yet still prevent double-booking
  • Have more flexibility with your customers based on inventory on hand
  • More easily deal with the impact of lost, damaged, or late returns


The WebCheckout Bundles Module allows you to configure collections of items that are routinely booked together with a single click of the mouse. It works with the Reservation by Resource Type Module to aid high demand departments.

  • Save time and reduce oversights when making reservations
  • Group your inventory by specific use, reducing the expertise required of the operator
  • Select predefined groups of items with a single click
  • Simplify the selection process for self-serve customers