Equipment Management & Scheduler

WebCheckout was designed from the ground up to meet the specialized needs of managers that need to circulate and manage equipment inventories. WebCheckout includes many features that assist in the day-to-day equipment management and scheduling, including:

  • Scheduling equipment for single or repeated bookings.
  • Grouping equipment as fixed kits or bundled sets of items,
  • Allowing scheduling of specific equipment or by equipment type,
  • Equipment inventory tracking, including complete history of inventory, specifications, condition notes, and its shelf or installed location,
  • Purchase information including where, when, and from whom the equipment was purchased, as well as warranty information.
  • Complete equipment scheduling, repair, and maintenance histories.
  • Attach documents (PO's, electronic manuals, special instructions) to any equipment.
  • View your own booking schedule, the entire checkout center schedule, or the schedules for selected equipment on virtually any electronic calendar.