Library Checkout System Features

WebCheckout provides a powerful scheduling tool that compliments Library Management Software systems, especially those which do not offer scheduling functionality. The WebCheckout Media Booking Module was designed to complement the portions of a library's bibliographic collection - often film, video and reference materials - that can be reserved in advance. As such, the WebCheckout Media Booking Module delivers bibliographic record creation, management, searching and scheduling of all bibliographic records under management, via the WebCheckout administrative interface or the WebCheckout Patron Initiated Reservations (PIR) customer portal.

WebCheckout also offers libraries the ability to schedule rooms and equipment with very fine-grained control. Authorization requirements over who has access to what resources as well as circulation policies that enforce the rules by which patrons are expected to use library resources give libraries and librarians better control of their collections and operations. Examples of this include WebCheckout preventing a patron with a late fine or a late checkout from borrowing additional resources until such infractions are remedied. WebCheckout's build in reporting capabilities offer librarians and other administrative end users a suite of useful reports, including but not limited to the utilization of resources, resource categories, unused and overused resources and more.