Manage Staff Scheduling

The WebCheckout Personnel Scheduling Module solves the frustrating task of shift and staff scheduling of full and part-time student employees. The volume and turnover of new students, last-minute schedule changes, and unplanned absences make this arguably the most challenging staff to manage.

Students and part-time staff are able to manage their own availability calendar interface, indicating when throughout the semester they are available to work. Managers select from the pool of available candidates to staff pre-existing shifts or create shifts based on submitted availability.

Last minute changes? No problem! The Personnel Scheduling Module allows managers to broadcast open shifts to everyone or just those who have been placed into groups commensurate with their capabilities. In either case, the manager is the arbiter who approves all schedule or shift changes.

We use our long standing expertise in Higher Education to integrate with central course enrollment systems to prevent student employees from being scheduled when their classes are in session. Managers can regulate the total number of hours an employee may work and report verified timesheets back to central administrative systems for reimbursement from the Federal Work-Study Program.

Like all of WebCheckout, the Personnel Scheduling Module is a browser based application that leverages email and personal calendar client applications as well as all other browser enabled devices to accomplish its objective. All schedule changes are pushed out and updated without any student intervention.