Universities Love our Software

WebCheckout was conceived as a turn of the 21st century solution to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's age old need to control an expanding and increasingly more expensive collection of portable technology equipment available to students to complete their degree programs. As we discovered, Higher Education had long suffered from many of the same problems of preventing equipment loss and improving operational efficiency with the distribution of portable equipment. Whether it was over the counter equipment checkout to students or equipment delivery service to a distributed network of classrooms to provide faculty with instructional support, it is no surprise that WebCheckout has found its proper home in Higher Education.

Since 2000, WebCheckout has been put to use in over 250 academic institutions of all shapes and sizes. From small private colleges to large public state institutions, community colleges to art and design, communication and film schools, WebCheckout has proven to be the de-facto, one-stop software solution to Higher Education portable equipment circulation and facility and inventory management. With an actively engaged user community located on six of the planet's seven continents, WebCheckout has kept its fingers on the pulse of the wide variety of needs of its Higher Education community. Whether from an information technology compatibility perspective where WebCheckout seamlessly blends into the mosaic of student information, enrollment and single-sign-on systems, to the functional standpoint where WebCheckout understands and provides functional support to the specific business needs such as knowing when to charge students late fines but not faculty or to prevent unauthorized patrons from using otherwise restricted resources, WebCheckout has remained and will continue to remain wholly committed to Higher Education.